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“You may be only one little lamp with a light, but if there are enough of us letting our lights shine, we’ll light up the universe.”
⁃ James C. Christensen 

When asked which painting was his favorite, James would reply, ”the next one.” 
He spent his life striving for excellence, in skill and in being. He was renowned for his artworks, and he is also remembered by many for his encouragement as a teacher and mentor. He believed in the importance of sharing his knowledge and resources. 

The James C. Christensen scholarship is awarded to an artist who: 
-seeks truth and excellence.  
-strives to share her or his light and spiritual strength with others. 
-shares a positive message.
-makes skill based artwork.
-demonstrates the beginning of a unique voice.


  1. Applicants must be Latter-day Saints.

  2. Applicants must be visual artists. “Visual art” is defined as hand-made objects, including painting, drawing, sculpture, printmaking, installation, or other processes which are not strictly digital or electronic; excluding photography, digital painting/drawing, video, sound, performance art, temporary or ephemeral art. If a question arises about whether or not a particular artist’s work qualifies as “Visual Art” for the purposes of this scholarship, the determination will be made by the Board of Directors. Their work should display a continuing interest in conveying gospel-related themes.

  3. Applicants must be accepted for a program of study in the visual arts at a qualified art program, or such other apprenticeship, workshop, or program that the applicant would like for the Selection Committee to consider.  


  1. A personal statement describing your career and artistic goals as they relate to seeking truth and excellence and sharing light and spiritual strength with others. Include a study plan outlining how scholarship funds (anticipated to be up to $750 this year) would be spent and how this would advance your stated goals. (600 words or less). 

  2. High-resolution .jpg images of five (5) of your artistic works.

  3. A written description of each work, including the name of the work, the medium/media used, and any characteristics of the work that are not easily represented using the digital images. Each description is limited to 100 words, for a total of 500 words or less.

  4. Documentation of enrollment or acceptance in a visual arts program (or such other apprenticeship, workshop, or program that the applicant would like for the Selection Committee to consider), that the applicant intends to attend.  Preference will be given to applicants who attend an institution which normally maintains a regular faculty and curriculum and normally has a regularly enrolled body of pupils or students in attendance at the place where it usually carries on its educational activities.  However, the Selection Committee will consider awarding scholarships to other unique apprenticeships, workshops, and programs, provided the applicant delivers information describing the opportunity sufficient for the Selection Committee to evaluate its educational potential.  Documentation may include a letter of acceptance, course schedule, written statement of intent, or similar.


Applications are due April 30, 2018. A single juror selected by the Christensen family will review applications. We estimate awards will be announced around May 31, 2018 and then disbursed by September 1, 2018. A final review of the use of these funds will be made by June 15, 2019. 


Q: For purposes of this scholarship, what does it mean to be a Latter-Day Saint? 
A: It means you should self-identify as a Latter-Day Saint and be on LDS church records as a baptized member.  

Q: If I was awarded a VOTAF scholarship or grant, when am I eligible to apply again? 
A: You may apply again after skipping two years. For example, if you were awarded a scholarship or grant in 2017, you should wait to apply again until 2020.

Q: If I participated in the fundraising auction, is it appropriate for me to apply for a scholarship or grant? 
A: Yes, it is appropriate. We hope our scholarships and grants will make a difference--giving artists opportunities to grow that might otherwise be out of reach. We rely on you the applicant and on our jurors to judge based on need and merit. Refrain from applying if you feel winning a scholarship or grant wouldn't make a significant difference for your art education or career. Note also that auction artists are allowed to vote for which finalists receive a peer award. As an auction artist, if you apply for a scholarship or grant, you forfeit your opportunity to vote. 

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